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Here is our second page of links. I would like to thank all the people who have these pages on the www,

and if anyone would like me to remove the link to their page just e-mail me and it will be done.

Medieval Sourcebook - A great resource including, among other things, a searchable
database, links, and even information on how to cite internet and world wide web
documents in your research.

No Shield to Hide Behind - Guide to Two-Handed Weapons - a multi-part article on techniques
useful for a variety of two-handed weapons, including katana, pole arms, great swords, and
great axes, among others.

The Pas D' Arms: SCA Tournaments with a Period Flair - as the title says, an article about the
SCA Pas D' Arms style tournament.

SCA Tournament Heraldry - outline-style instructions for tournament heraldry.

Shire of Dragonfly Marsh

Heraldry on the Internet

Lady Cyralea's Home Page

The Stagger Inn

Meridies on the Web

Trying to choose between Kaitlyn and Rebecca, or Austin and Brandon? Get some terrific help here. You can specify ethnic origin, number of syllables and first and last letter you'd like the name to have, and the Baby Name Center will return a list of choices. You can also research the meanings of names (or find a name that fits a meaning you like), and see which names are currently popular. This can also do for your SCA name as well. Probably not for the documentation though.

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